Up to this point, Christians have had to simply believe without knowing the reality of the facts. With this book, we are no longer limited in our spiritual vision. It opens our eyes by accepting there is another form of energy at work in the Universe. Namely, dark energy is not atomic in nature. The book first establishes this fact, then applies the concept to Christian ideals that yield amazing results.

Tactile, physical reality of the ethereal realm, the soul, and the human spirit---just to name a few. With this in mind, and intense examination of scripture, this book also provides never before disclosed concepts about the cross, resurrection, creation, prophecy of the End of Time, and more. No one should have to rely on the old adage "just believe" anymore. We can now grow beyond mere belief to a new level of certainty in what we now take on faith.

Topics Include:
The Human Domain
Of Soul and Spirit
Sin and Salvation
God is Light
Jesus and Us, Sons of God
The Cross and Resurrection
The End of Time
Jews vs. Jesus
Ten Reasons to Choose Jesus Over Other Religious Leaders
Selected Passages in Matthew
Selected Passages in Mark
Selected Passages in Luke
Selected Passages in John
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Beyond Mere Belief
No longer must we be chained to the notion of "just believe."