Dual Energy Concept

The basic premise of this theory is that the single energy concept has run its course and cannot answer the questions facing us regarding Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, and the Cosmos. In order to gain the elusive explanation of our equations, we must now include dark energy. By introducing dark energy as a non-atomic form of energy (i.e. there are two energies at work in the Universe), everything can finally be explained in easy to understand conceptual terms.

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Topical Index

Premise and Definitions

Dark Energy
What is dark-energy?
If we can’t see it, do we know it is there?
What is the energy spectrum?
What is the relation between dark-energy and dark matter?
Does dark-energy interact with atomic-energy?
How does dark matter interact with the atomic-matter?
Does dark matter interact with dark matter?

Quantum Mechanics
What is a photon?
How does a photon move through space?
Is a photon a wave or a particle?
What is the difference between a particle and a photon?
Is mass a property of atomic-energy as well?
What about spin?
What is a quanta?
Why do particles group together?
How is a photon created out of nothing?
How do the different classes of energy interact?
So what is this location node you keep talking about?
What are virtual particles?
How do particles interact?
What is leeching?
Do matter waves really exist?
Why do particles want to shed mass?
Why do particles decay?
How are atomic particles created out of the Medium?
Why won’t a particle decay if I keep looking at it?
How does an electron jump from one place to another – without appearing between?
How can an electron be everywhere at once?
How are the four forces of Nature explained using the Dual Energy Concept?

How does gravity warp space-time?
How does dark-energy affect gravity?
How does dark-energy cause length dilation?
Why does a photon slow down in a gravity field?
What is an energy (photon) shroud?
Why does mass increase as speed increases?
What is time?
Why does time slow down as a particle accelerates?
Why does time slow down in a gravitational field?
Is there a common reference plane?

The Universe
Was there really a Big Bang?
Why isn’t there a center to the Universe?
Why is the Universe expansion accelerating?
What really goes on inside a black hole?
What is a dark hole?
Are super massive black holes actually dark holes?
Do dark holes reside at the center of galaxies?
What goes on inside a dark hole?
Why do planets and galaxies form around dark matter?
Are there also dark suns and dark planets?

A New Concept to Solve Old Problems