"Dual Energy Concept"
In this booklet, I present that dark-energy is a non-atomic form of energy. There are at least two kinds of energy at work in the universe. The single-energy concept has run its course. It cannot adequately describe Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, or some other observations we have today without violating laws of Physics.  By applying a dual-energy concept to modern science, all the problems describing these conundrums can finally be answered in consistent, logical, and physical terms.

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Follow Me -- This is a collection of Christian short stories that encourage faith, obedience, and how to follow Christ in our everyday life.

Pact With The Devil -- One man makes a pact with Satan to become the Antichrist, and thus become the most powerful man on earth. Another man is sent to stop him. This suspense/thriller has plenty of action and prophecy to keep you reading on the edge of your seat.

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Beyond Mere Belief -- An in depth look into what the discovery of Dark Energy means to the spiritual concept. The reality of another form of energy proves a lot of things we currently take on faith, opening our eyes to mind-blowing facts.